Convenia: Margin vs. Mark up

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Driving practice success through associate advancement

Invest in your future. The Indispensable Associate Professional Skills workshop is a one-day program designed to give 2014-2016 graduates the key business and communication skills they need to lead successful practices.

After attending this program, associates will walk away with a mastery of:

  • The core principles of Emotional Intelligence, and its importance to leadership
  • Utilizing DISC and Emotional Intelligence to foster successful communication within your practice
  • How to set the stage for success in the practice, including the exam room entrance, introductions, physical barriers, and body language
  • Professionalism and what it takes to truly bond with a client
  • Key expenses and practice revenue centers
  • The synergies between good medicine and good business
This video is for associates who have recently attended the workshop. To register for a workshop visit

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