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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I've signed up for VetFolio, but I can't log in. What can I do?

Answer: You should have received an email after signing up that included your username and password for VetFolio. If you do not find the email in your Inbox, try checking your Junk Mail folder. If you do not find it there, please write to us at Support@VetFolio.com and we’ll resend your login information.

2. We have a practice membership. How do I add practice members?

Answer: Visit the “How Do I Add My Practice Staff’ Tutorial for instructions on how to add your staff members to your account so each individual can take advantage of everything VetFolio offers.

3. How do I change my password?

Answer: If you or one of your team members would like to customize a password so it’s easier to remember, simply go to the ‘My VetFolio’ tab on the top navigation and select ‘Change Password.’

To change your password:
Click the ‘Edit’ button just to the right of the words ‘Account Information’ at the top of the page.
You‘ll be taken to a page that asks for your current password, along with your new password. Once you enter the new password and confirm it, hit ‘Save’ and your new password will be ready to use.

4. How do I update my VetFolio profile?

Answer: To update your profile:

  • Hover over the ‘My VetFolio’ menu and select the ‘My Profile’ option.
  • Click the ‘Edit’ button just to the right of the words ‘Personal Information.’
  • Most of the fields are optional, and those that are not will be indicated with a red *.
  • When you have entered your information, hit ‘Save.’

TIP: Part of your VetFolio profile is also viewable in Community. To make the most helpful connections, it’s best to have a robust profile! 

5. I just signed up for VetFolio, but when I try to log in I get the notification that I need to upgrade. Why?

Answer: Most likely you have a duplicate account (i.e., you inadvertently logged into the account that does not have the active subscription order). This may have happened if you were also registered for the NAVC Conference in 2014. Please contact us at Support@VetFolio.com and let us know. We'll be happy to merge your accounts for you.

6. I’m logged into VetFolio, but sometimes I am told that I need to upgrade my account to read an article or take a course. Why?

Answer: This could be caused by a couple different things:

  • You're trying to access content that isn't included with a VetFolio subscription. Fear Free and CSI are separate programs that require their own registration to access.
  • There may be a problem with the specific article or course. Please contact us at Support@VetFolio.com, and we can investigate it for you.

7. How can I cancel my subscription?

Answer: If you ever decide you're no longer interested in being a VetFolio subscriber, simply contact us at Support@VetFolio.com and we can assist you with your cancellation.

8. I signed up for VetFolio, but I didn’t get a receipt. How can I get one?

Answer: You can access your invoices/receipts by logging in to your account. From the ‘My VetFolio’ menu, go to ‘Invoice History.’ From here, you can access and print any past paid invoices.

9. I created an account with VetFolio, but I’ve never been able to log in. I always get a message saying an error has occurred. What’s wrong?

Answer: Either the username or password you are entering is incorrect, or, in rare cases, the initial password was created using characters such as “$,” “%,” or “&.” Although the system accepts such passwords during account creation, it does not recognize those characters from the login screen, and you will not be able to log in after the account has been created. In this case, please contact us at Support@VetFolio.com so that we can reset the password to something that does not contain these characters. You will then be able to log back into your account to reset your password (letters and numbers only!).

10. I am trying to get into the VetFolio Community, but I keep getting a message saying I am not authorized. What can I do?

Answer: If you are a new VetFolio subscriber or have never attempted to log into the VetFolio Community, it may sometimes take a few hours for the two sets of software to synch up and recognize you. If more than 24 hours goes by and you are still unable to access Community, please contact us at Support@VetFolio.com, and we will be happy to troubleshoot the problem for you.

11. How do I find proceedings from past NAVC Conferences in VetFolio?

Answer: Click on ‘Topics’ on the main navigation bar and scroll down the ‘Topics and Proceedings’ page to ‘Browse All VetFolio Topics by Keyword.’ Click on the button pertaining to the year you are interested in. You can refine your search for specific proceedings by using the search bar immediately above the list of proceedings titles.

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