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I'm signed up for VetFolio, but I can't log in!

If you're receiving a message when trying to login that says "An Unknown Error Has Occurred" this means that either the username or password you're using is incorrect, or you may have an illegal character in your password that is preventing the login from functioning. Use the "Forgot Your Password?" link to recover your username and reset your password in this case, making sure not to use any HTML characters (%, @, #) in the password!

I have a Practice subscription, but I'm not sure how to add/remove my staff!

Visit our helpful tutorial on adding Practice staff here! If you have further questions, let us know!

How can I change my password after I've logged in?

If you or one of your team members would like to customize a password so it’s easier to remember, simply go to My VetFolio tab on the top navigation and choose Change Password.

To change your password:
Click the Edit button just to the right of the words Account Information at the top of the page.
You'll be taken to a page that asks for your current password, along with your new password. Once you enter the new password and confirm it, hit Save and your new password will be ready to use.

My personal information isn't correct, how can I update that?

To update your profile:

  • Hover over the My VetFolio menu and select My Profile
  • Click the Edit button just to the right of the words Personal Information
  • Most of the fields are optional, and those that are not will be indicated with a red *
  • When you have entered your information, hit Save

TIP: Part of your VetFolio profile is also viewable in Community. To make the most helpful connections, it’s best to have a robust profile! 

I just signed up for VetFolio, but when I try to access content I get a notification that I need to upgrade. Why?

This is generally a simple caching issue! Close out and re-open your browser and log back in to VetFolio.com. If that doesn't help, contact us and we'll look into it further!

Where can I locate my invoice/receipt. 

You can access your invoices/receipts by logging into your account. Under the My VetFolio menu, go to Invoice History. From there you can view and print any past invoices and payments.

I am trying to get into the VetFolio Community, but I keep getting a message saying I am not authorized. What can I do?

If you are a new VetFolio subscriber or have never attempted to log into the VetFolio Community, it may sometimes take a few hours for the two sets of software to synch up and recognize you. If more than 24 hours goes by and you are still unable to access Community, please contact us at Support@VetFolio.com, and we will be happy to troubleshoot the problem for you.

Are all of your courses RACE approved?

That's a great question! VetFolio strives to have all content RACE approved when possible. We submit courses on a quarterly basis, and in the interim the courses that have not yet been submitted will have an AAHA CE Certificate tied to them. Once the courses have been submitted and approved, the course page and the course certificate will be updated to reflect RACE approval with the Program Number. If a course is RACE approved, you will see the RACE Program information beneath the course title on the course page:


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