Minimizing Preoperative Vomiting and Maximizing Post-operative Care

Dr. Ralph Harvey & Heidi Reuss-Lamky

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Is Emesis Your Nemesis? Even the most successful surgeries can leave veterinarians wondering whether there was something more they could have done to create a positive experience for their dogs and their pet parents. But now, even certain elements that are seemingly out of your control, such as vomiting and how fast dogs start eating when they get home, are actually easier to manage than you might imagine.

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Episode 1: Perioperative Vomiting and Postoperative Return to Feeding
In part one of this two-part podcast series, Ralph Harvey, DVM, MS, DACVAA, Associate Professor Emeritus Small Animal Clinical Services, University of Tennessee, discusses strategies for perioperative management in dogs. Plus, he shares how you can help dogs get back to eating faster, even when they’re administered preoperative opioids. 

Topics for the podcast:
‘Vomiting is Misery’
Goals of perioperative management
Preoperative fasting data
Impact of opioids
Cerenia study - PONV

Episode 2:  The Technician’s Role in Perioperative Care

In part two of this podcast series, Heidi Reuss-Lamky, LVT, provides an in-depth discussion on the role of a veterinary technician, including how they ease stress and anxiety, the process of creating a seamless and effective treatment plan, and creating a lasting relationship with the client. Ms. Reuss-Lamky will also share why clients are willing to pay extra to keep their dogs from vomiting due to opioids. 

Topics for podcast:
Client education
Willingness to pay
Job satisfaction
Fear free

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