Texas A&M Technician Package

AAHA approved for 2 CE Hours | Premium Content

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VetFolio has partnered with Texas A&M University’s College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences to bring you a specialized Technician Course Package. This package includes four course modules in which participants will earn a certificate for two hours of total CE credit.  

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Course Descriptions

Module 1 Bandaging & Dermatology:
This module contains instructional videos on the following topics:
-Robert Jones Technique
-Donut Construction
-Skin Scraping

Module 2 Surgical Preparation Procedures:
This module includes a series of 10 instructional videos explaining proper procedure for surgery preparation. Specific topics include:
-Folding a Fenestrated Drape
-Gown Folding Technique
-Assembling the Instrument Tray
-Wrapping the Instrument Tray
-Unwrapping the Instrument Tray
-Unwrapping a Pack
-Preoperative Sterile Skin Prep
-Surgical Scrubbing Procedure
-Open Gloving Technique
-Gowning & Closed Gloving

Module 3 Miscellaneous Topics:
This module includes video instruction on the following topics:
-Canine Athrocentesis
-Buccal Mucosal Bleeding Time
-Feline Handling Skills
-Feline Physical Examination
-Feline Jugular Venipuncture

Module 4 Constant Rate Infusions (CRI):
This module includes video instruction on the following topics:
-Characteristics of the drugs commonly delivered via CRI for pain management
-Creating a pain management plan (including combinations of drugs) for a patient
-How to calculate the dose and rate of medications to be delivered via CRI (in both a syringe pump and fluid bag)

Educational Content Contributors:
Mary Ellen Goldberg 
Kelley Thieman-Mankin
Laura Peycke
Alison Diesel
Johanna Heseltine