VetFolio Tutorial: Downloading CE Certificates

If you need to download certificates for the courses you've added to your "My Classroom," and completed, follow this quick step-by-step guide.

  1. Log into your VetFolio account at

  2. Click on My VetFolio in the top navigation bar and select My Classroom.

  3. Click the title of the course you've completed and are submitting credit for. Within the course page, click on the "Submit Credit" button.

    Downloading CE Tutorial Image 1

  4. A button appear will also appear to the right of the course title under the Pending Credits section of the My Credits section of your Classroom. If the Submit Credit button is not available, it means you have not successfully completed the course with a passing grade of 80% or better.

    Click on the Submit Credit button in either location.

    Downloading CE Tutorial Image 2

  5. You will be presented with an optional Survey which may be left blank. Enter your comments or leave blank and click the Submit button.

    Downloading CE Tutorial Image 3

  6. Next you will need to Electronically Sign the Credit Submission by typing your name next to the box that says "Electronically sign your name by typing it here:" then click Process Credit.

    Downloading CE Tutorial Image 4

  7. You will be returned to the main My Credit page where you can scroll down to the section that says "Submitted Credit."

    Downloading CE Tutorial Image 5

  8. Click on "View AAHA Certificate" (or VetFolio, or AAVSB) to download the CE Certificate
Downloading CE Tutorial Image 6

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