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Chest X-Rays in Cardiac Disease

This session will review cardiac chamber enlargement patterns, pulmonary patterns, and changes with pulmonary vasculature with various cardiac diseases. Following a review, case examples will highlight the usefulness and pitfalls with thoracic radiographs in cardiac disease.Please note:   If you were an attendee at this AAHA Conference and received a general CE certificate, please be sure to check with your state licensing bureau regarding your eligibility to receive online credit...

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Focus on Management of Stressful Cardiac Cases

The first part of this lecture will focus on feline heart disease. Presentation of information provided by physical exam, radiographs, ECG, biomarkerks, genetic tests, and echo will be covered. There will be an emphasis on what can be done by the general practitioner, and when referral to a cardiologist should be considered. Presentation of current management options for heart murmurs, congestive heart failure, aortoiliac thrombosis, and arrhythmias will be included. The second part of the...

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The ABCDs of Canine Heart Disease

This course, led by Sonya Gordon, DVM, DVSc, DACVIM (Cardiology) and Andrew Beardow, BVM&S, MRCVS, DACVIM (Cardiology), is designed to educate veterinarians on the management of the canine patient with congestive heart failure using a case-based approach. Case studies reviewed will include discussions on the differential diagnosis and treatment of both atrioventricular valvular insufficiency and dilated cardiomyopathy. The learning module will highlight recommendations of the American...

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Anestesia y las cardiopatías más comunes en perros y gatos

Las cardiopatías resultan comunes en pacientes que requieren anestesia y los fármacos empleados para ello suelen tener un impacto relevante, pudiendo ser la interferencia relevante. Se discuten las principales consideraciones anestésicas de cardiopatías comunes como la insuficiencia valvular, la cardiomiopatía dilatada, las estenosis pulmonar y aórtica, y la cardiomiopatía hipertrófica. Se revisa la selección adecuada de fármacos para producir la anestesia y dar soporte cardiovascular.Este...

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Cardiac & Noncardiac Respiratory Distress: Best Tests & Simplified Strategies for Evaluation & Management

The clinical presentations that may be termed “respiratory distress” in dogs and cats may range from mild tachypnea to agonal gasping for breath. Because of the fragility of many of these patients, extensive testing is not always an option, and history and physical examination findings may be all that is available to make an educated assessment of the probable cause of the clinical presentation. From a clinician’s point of view, it matters greatly if you’re a dyspneic cat or a dyspneic dog....

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Inflow Venous Occlusion for Intracardiac Resection of an Occluding Right Ventricular Tumor (Case Report)

AbstractUse of normothermic venous inflow occlusion enabled removal of an intracardiac tumor in a 4 yr old, 27 kg, spayed female Airedale terrier with a history of appendicular osteosarcoma and recent exertional syncope. Inflow venous occlusion via a median sternotomy thoracotomy without hypothermia was used to access the mineralized mass within the right ventricular outflow tract. Duration of circulatory arrest was 70 s for this beating heart surgery. A circumscribed intracardiac...

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Hemothorax in Three Dogs with Intrathoracic Extracardiac Hemangiosarcoma (Case Report)

AbstractIntrathoracic extracardiac hemangiosarcoma (HSA) is rare in dogs. This report describes three dogs with acute onset dyspnea due to hemorrhagic pleural effusion resulting from intrathoracic extracardiac masses, which were confirmed as HSA by histopathology. The dogs were stabilized with thoracocentesis and intravascular fluid resuscitation. Computed tomography identified intrathoracic masses, which were not originating from the heart or pulmonary parenchyma. Surgical exploration was...

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Clinical Snapshot: A Cardiac Mass in a Golden Retriever

Case PresentationA 3-year-old neutered golden retriever presented through our emergency service for a cardiology consultation for a 2-week history of exertional syncope, lethargy, decreased appetite, and weight loss. There was no known history of congenital heart disease, the patient was current on vaccinations, and heartworm preventive had been given periodically throughout the preceding year. A presumptive diagnosis of bacterial endocarditis had been made by the referring veterinarian based...

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Direct Blood Pressure Monitoring: Simple and Inexpensive

Would you like to improve your blood pressure (BP) monitoring capabilities? Do you lack a high-tech monitor? Do your multiparameter monitors not have invasive BP capabilities? You can still monitor continuous, invasive mean arterial pressure (MAP) very simply using an inexpensive aneroid manometer, which costs about $15 (FIGURE 1).Arterial CatheterizationBOX 1 lists the supplies for arterial catheterization. Arterial catheters are unique in that they are used strictly for monitoring...

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