Heart of the Matter: Canine Cardiology Today

Kevin Christiansen, DVM, DACVIM

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The Heart of the Matter podcast series features Board Certified veterinary cardiologist and Senior Scientist for Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, Kevin Christiansen, DVM, DACVIM. The series highlights the basics of canine heart disease, risk factors, and the importance of involving the dog owner in the plan in order to achieve optimal success. For more information on each episode, please see the descriptions listed below the podcast player.


Episode 1: Canine Cardiology and Heart Disease – The Basics
This podcast will touch on the importance of monitoring and early diagnosis of canine cardiac problems, breeds most at risk for heart failure, how we can help pet owners become a productive part of their pet’s care team, as well as best practices and the latest trends in canine cardiology.

Episode 2: Risk Factors and Signs of Canine CHF
This episode provides a deeper dive into the risk factors of canine congestive heart failure, including the signs of canine heart disease that may be visible in a routine exam, as well as some best practices for diagnosis.

Episode 3: Making Dog Owners Part of the CHF Care Team
This segment outlines the importance of educating the dog owner about the basics of cardiac disease (particularly of at-risk breeds), including the value of baseline testing and the early signs of disease as well as monitoring on-going disease progression and when to recommend a specialist.

Episode 4: The Involved Pet Owner- The Key to Compliance in Long-Term CHF Therapy
This episode focuses on the importance of including dog owner education as a means to increase on-going compliance with monitoring and treatment recommendations that are critical to the success of CHF treatment.

Created and produced by VetFolio with educational funding provided by Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health.

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