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The Case of the Coughing Cat and Other Topics in Feline Thoracic Medicine

The Case of the Coughing Cat and Other Topics in Feline Thoracic Medicine 90-120 minutes The coughing cat provides important clues to the veterinary ""detective"", pointing to several very specific possible diagnoses. However, recognizing and characterizing the feline cough is not simple. In this case-based discussion focusing on cats, several unknown cases involving thoracic medicine will be presented as unknowns and the audience will be involved in solving the mystery....

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Profit Planning, Part 2

Continuation of Part 1  Download the PDF of Profit Planning, Part 2 Speaker Bio: Jon C. Dittrich has a wide variety of practical business experiences in helping veterinarians improve their profits. Combining 7 ½ years of schooling and receiving his MBA, 7 years of large corporate business with 30 years of small business, Mr. Dittrich has assembled business techniques which improve profits to his clients.Profit Profile Corporation is a Veterinary Practice Management...

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Rational Approaches to Integrating Physical Medicine Modalities into Practice

Physical medicine is a recent addition to the toolbox in Veterinary Medicine. Many medical and surgical conditions benefit from the addition of physical medicine modalities, but these frequently are not taught along with the pharmacological paradigms for treating disease. In this session we will discuss several conditions where adding physical medicine to a comprehensive treatment plan is especially beneficial. Download the PDF of Rational Approaches to Integrating Physical...

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Abnormal Liver Enzymes: Now What?

How to approach abnormal liver enzymes in the dog. Series of case examples with case discussions will be presented. An algorithm will be developed that can be taken back to their practice. Download the PDF of Abnormal Liver Enzymes: Now What? Speaker Bio:Dr. David C. Twedt graduated from Iowa State University and entered an internship and medicine residency at The Animal Medical Center in New York City. Dr. Twedt is currently a Diplomate of the ACVIM, Professor in the...

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Regenerative Therapy for Osteoarthritis

This lecture will primarily focus on the use of platelet-rich plasma in the treatment of osteoarthritis. We will review the background and mechanisms of action of platelet-rich plasma, review the relevant human and veterinary literature, and discuss anecdotal outcomes in our hospital and others. We will also review the background and proposed mechanisms of action of mesenchymal stem cell therapy, as well as reviewing the relevant human and veterinary literature regarding its use in the...

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Practical Feline Pain Management

In the pain management arena, cats have traditionally received less analgesia than dogs. In the surgery area; pre-medication, monitoring and fluid therapy are all significantly reduced compared to dogs. This is in part due to the difficulties of restraining, catheterizing and instrumenting cats but is also due to long standing notions that cat surgeries must be kept to a financial minimum. Chronic pain is treated even less often in cats. This is most likely due to the cat’s unique ability...

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Practical Canine Pain Management

Canine pain management is a growing discipline in veterinary medicine. Not only do we understand more about the manifestation of pain syndromes in dogs, we have an ever increasing body of knowledge about analgesic drugs and treatment modalities for use in canine patients. Still, busy practices, may find it difficult to change current protocols due to lack of information or fear of lesser known drugs. Participants will be asked to share their current practices and concerns and these will be...

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Managing Your Team for Increased Profitability, Part 2

An important part of managing people is creating an organizational culture in which they can succeed. Your leadership style and personal tendencies contribute a great deal to how people of all generations respond professionally. Practical tools for leadership and management will be discussed including a focus on non-verbal communication. Download the PDF of Managing Your Team for Increased Profitability, Part 2  Speaker Bio:Susan Schell is an experienced...

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Managing Your Team for Increased Profitability, Part 1

Some of the most difficult problems in practice management are in hiring, supervising and retaining good personnel. During this session, we will study aspects of human behavior that give us insight into what facilitates outstanding work performance. Ultimately, this results in stability and improved financial returns for your practice. Download the PDF of Managing Your Team for Increased Profitability, Part 1 Speaker Bio:Susan Schell is an experienced business...

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The Social Cat: Who to Adopt & How to Introduce Cats to Prevent Disaster

Although cats are social animals, their social structure differs significantly from that of people and dogs. People often think that their cat needs a friend, and their cat may not agree. A lot of the stress of living with humans occurs because of social situations – especially intercat – that lead to cats not performing their normal behaviors, behavior problems, and even physical health problems. Learn how to help your clients make good adoption decisions and how to introduce cats....

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