2017 AAHA Conference Proceedings

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No Pain, More Gain: Why a Positive Feline Veterinary Experience Matters

The actions, attitudes and approach of veterinary establishments to their feline patients and owners will be viewed from both the practice team member and the feline caregiver. The two presenters will allow a three-dimensional view of the feline veterinary experience to emerge, along with tips and techniques for improving relationships and the value of the veterinary visit. The veterinary visit begins 30-45 minutes before the client arrives at the practice appointment. One of the critical...

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Communication Boot Camp: The Feline Enigma, See More Cats!

Steve Dale and Elizabeth Colleran will present both the veterinary practice team perspective and the point of view of the cat caregiver. The single biggest opportunity for practice growth lies in the underserved feline patient. The Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Studies illustrated obstacles to seeing these clients and patients. If you build it, will they come? With over 1500 participating practices in the AAFP Cat Friendly Practice® program, successful methods to improve implementation have...

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Elegant Communication

This program presents Metaprogram technology that allows participants to easily determine a client’s decision-making criteria, therefore making case acceptance/compliance an effortless experience. Learn about case presentation styles for Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Clients and the 5 Steps of Enrollment. Speaker Bio: Laura Boone, MBA Principal and Owner CEO California Veterinary Franchise For more than three decades Laura has dedicated her career to coach doctors and teams. She has...

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Dermatology Rounds: What on Earth is This?

Common things occur commonly, but sometimes skin disease just doesn’t look or act like anything you’ve seen before. In this case, where do you even start? In a rounds-type format, audience members will work through cases of skin disease that are odd, yet perhaps not so rare. Download PDF for Dermatology Rounds: What on Earth is This?Speaker Bio: Dr. DeBoer is currently Professor of Dermatology at the School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a 1981 graduate of...

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Maximizing Benefit Program Value: Strategic Planning

This discussion will focus on strategic planning in advance of your group insurance renewal with an emphasis on evaluating your benefit program effectively, understanding what other veterinary practices are offering their staff, and developing a strategy that will work for your practice. Speaker Bio: Cory Friedman is Vice President of Benefits Consulting at GCG Financial, LLC. Cory specializes in the mid-market segment, and has developed considerable expertise in the Veterinary Industry,...

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Short and Long Term Pain: Behavior, Assessment, and Objective Analysis

This session will address clinically relevant ways to quickly and effectively assess pain in dogs and cats in the preoperative and long term settings. Changes in behavior, activity, quality of life assessment, and computerized gait analysis will be presented as effective objective assessments. Speaker Bio: Dr. Gaynor graduated from The Ohio State University in 1988. He was in private small animal practice in northeastern Ohio for 1 year prior to returning to The Ohio State University for a...

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Create the habits that build the practice, and the life, that you want: The degree of impact we have on our practice, our staff, and ultimately, our life, is directly related to our ability to create a set of habits and patterns for ourselves that consistently lead to our own definition of success. This workshop will help us examine our current habits and make conscious choices about the changes we want to make, and also explore a successful process for making those changes. Don’t leave your...

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Coaching: Building Capability

Invest in the success of others to build an unstoppable team and business. Coaching is the most important tool leaders have when it comes to helping employees change behavior, accomplish more, and perform better. Effective coaching consistently leverages the principles of human behavior modification to help others attain lasting change, growth, and success. Learning these techniques will help you achieve sustainable results for your team, your practice, and yourself. A practice with great...

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Interactive Case Discussions

This interactive session will aim to solidify specific points about management of canine and feline heart disease through interactive case presentations. The audience will be encouraged to participate. Speaker Bio: Dr. Sophy Jesty earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from Cornell University in 2001. During vet school, she developed a passion for both cardiology and equine sports medicine, and she knew she wanted to pursue expertise in both fields. After obtaining her veterinary...

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The Importance of Goal Setting

Learn how to maximize the potential of your team. Much has been written about goal setting and how to do it well, but many leaders fail to focus on the opportunities that come with helping team members set goals for themselves. Helping staff members define their own success is the key to unlocking their full engagement, commitment, and effort as part of your practice. In this workshop, you will learn how to help team members set goals, own the path toward those goals, and make consistent...

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