Animal Abuse

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Animal abuse is something to become much more familiar with, especially with AAHA’s recent position statement change. Last November, AAHA strengthened its position from reporting only when client education had failed or would be appropriate to reporting suspicions of animal abuse to the appropriate authorities. AAHA also encourages the adoption of laws mandating veterinary professionals to report suspicions of animal abuse and providing immunity from legal liability when filing such reports...

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Obligation to Report: As Links Continue to be Found Between Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence, Some Veterinarians Are Pushing for Dual-Reporting Requirements

NEWS REPORTS SAID THAT 15-YEAR-OLD JEANETTE MAPLES had likely endured years of abuse at her mother’s hands before she died in late 2009. When Oregon paramedics arrived at her home after a 9-1-1 call that reported the teen had fallen and stopped breathing, they found her emaciated, covered in cuts and bruises, with an exposed femur, and lifeless on the floor. The case was later called one of the worst incidents of child torture and neglect in the state’s history, and it sparked both...

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