Chronic Kidney Disease

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Evaluating Sucralfate as a Phosphate Binder in Normal Cats and Cats with Chronic Kidney Disease (Original Study)

AbstractControl of hyperphosphatemia is an important part of the management of chronic kidney disease (CKD). The purpose of this study was to determine the efficacy of sucralfate as a phosphate binder in normal cats and normophosphatemic CKD cats. A 500 mg sucralfate slurry was administered orally q 8 hr for 2 wk, and serum phosphorus, urine fractional excretion of phosphorus, and fecal phosphorus concentrations were measured. In normal cats treated with sucralfate, significant changes in...

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Keepin' It Renal

Though kidney disease is common in cats and a leading cause of death, feline renal transplantation remains an unusual treatment; at time of writing, only three veterinarians are currently performing the procedure in the United States. But for the right candidate, a kidney transplant can be a viable option for adding quality years to a cat’s life. Download the PDF of Keepin' It Renal

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