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Customized Customer Service

The challenge for every business, including veterinary practices, is to provide a client experience that each individual client perceives to be a positive one. While you may have a vision statement that directs your practice to provide “excellent customer service,” the challenge is to know how that can be implemented in each individual encounter.Download the PDF of Customized Customer Service

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All Lab Tests Are Not Created Equal: Evolving Changes in Veterinary Lab Services

Laboratory services provided at veterinary hospitals continue to evolve. Just look at the changes over the last 40 years: Parvo used to be identified by clinical signs and nearly absent white cell count, and red blood cell counts were done by a human (using a hemocytometer). Now, blood samples are simply placed into a piece of equipment to produce the counts. Evolution can be a good thing. New tests are being developed for old diseases, and new diseases are requiring new tests. The way...

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