Dental Radiography

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Periodontal Therapy in Dogs Using Bone Augmentation Products Marketed for Veterinary Use (Case Report)

AbstractPeriodontal disease is extremely common in companion animal practice. Patients presenting for a routine oral examination and prophylaxis may be found to have extensive periodontal disease and attachment loss. Vertical bone loss is a known sequela to periodontal disease and commonly involves the distal root of the mandibular first molar. This case report outlines two dogs presenting for oral examination and prophylaxis with general anesthesia. Both patients did not have any clinical...

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Making Time for Better Dentistry

It happens all the time. You begin a routine dental cleaning only to have the radiographs reveal unexpected pathology that is going require more time than your already booked schedule allows, or a simple extraction breaks off and quickly becomes much more difficult than expected. In the constantly progressing field of veterinary dentistry, unforeseen problems and delays are common—and time-consuming. A balance of quality care and effective time management is key to keeping dental...

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