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How do I properly set an annual budget?

The following is excerpted  from  101 Veterinary Practice Management Questions Answered, by  Amanda L. Donnelly, DVM, MBA.  More information on this product can be viewed  here.An annual budget needs to include expense categories for all fixed and variable expenses of the practice. Most accounting software will allow you to create an initial budget based on the prior year’s expenses. When developing your budget, you can refer to veterinary publications (see the...

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Financial Planning Case Studies

By now, you are probably thinking about pretty important issues having to do with your finances. We have discussed basic financial planning concepts that relate to your life in general and as a veterinarian specifically. In this chapter we will move into some case studies so that you can see examples of how these concepts might be put together in a practical way. The veterinarians in these case studies are fictional. But they are based on the situations of some of the many...

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Debt Management Podcasts

Welcome to the Debt Management Podcast series, designed to help students and new graduates gain insights into debt management strategies. Fritz Wood, CPA, CFP, owns and operates an animal health consulting practice in Kansas City, where his clients include veterinarians and animal health companies. In this podcast series, he and Financial Advisor Jesse Bunse discuss debt management techniques including student loans, debt management in major life events, establishing and protecting credit and...

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Veterinary Group Purchasing Organizations Offer a Wide Variety of Savings and Benefits

Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) have been around for more than a century in the human medical realm. But as more corporations dominate the business world, GPOs have expanded into other industries, including veterinary medicine. This article looks at the various GPOs that veterinary practices can join, including AAHA’s own version of the GPO, AAHA Advantage.Download the PDF of   Veterinary Group Purchasing Organizations

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