Skeletal System

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Diagnosis and Outcome of Periosteal Chondrosarcoma in Two Cats (Case Report)

AbstractTwo cats, both over 10 yr old, were presented for evaluation of non-painful bony proliferations on the appendicular skeleton. These proliferations were identifiable via palpation. Radiographs showed a smooth, proliferative bony lesion of the distal femur (case 1) and tarsus (case 2) with mild soft tissue swelling. Surgical debulking with incomplete resection was performed in each cat. Subsequent histopathology resulted in a diagnosis of periosteal chondrosarcoma (PC). Although both...

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Percutaneous Screw Fixation of Incomplete Ossification of the Humeral Condyle in Three Dogs (Four Elbows) (Case Report)

AbstractTranscondylar screw fixation was performed using a minimally invasive percutaneous technique on three dogs (four elbows) diagnosed with incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle. The technique was performed using an aiming device in all four elbow joints and assisted by intraoperative fluoroscopy in one. All screws were successfully placed on first attempt and no elbow joint required repositioning of the transcondylar screw. On immediate postoperative radiographs, median...

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Effect of Cricoarytenoid Joint Preservation and Suture Tension on Arytenoid Lateralization (Original Studies)

AbstractThe objective of this experimental study was to evaluate the effects of cricoarytenoid (CA) joint preservation versus disarticulation on rima glottidis (RG) area with the epiglottis open and closed under both low and high suture tension. Canine cadaver larynges were used. A unilateral arytenoid lateralization (UAL) was performed with low or high suture tension and with the CA joint preserved or disarticulated. Rima glottidis area was measured with the epiglottis in an open and closed...

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