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A Telehealth Roadmap for the Veterinary Profession

In this webinar from the American Association of Industry Veterinarians, Mark Cushing, veterinary regulatory and legal expert, discusses the evolution of telehealth regulations in human healthcare as well as in the veterinary profession. He also shares an update from the Veterinary Innovation Council's telehealth pilot as well as discuss how telehealth tools can be utilized to serve the underserved and enhance client loyalty.After viewing this webinar you will understand:1. The history and...

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Telemedicine Is Calling

Telemedicine technology is changing the way animal healthcare is practiced. Veterinary professionals already incorporate many telemedicine tools into their daily work. But will further innovations affect the veterinarian-client-patient relationship and, if so, how?Download the PDF of Telemedicine Is Calling

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Telehealth Articles

Interested in keeping up with telehealth news? This curated list of articles from a variety of news sources can help!IBM's cognitive computer will help solve your health problemsAI 'doctors' will diagnose your X-raysApp trains healthcare professionals to detect early stage skin cancerAn AI-Powered Chatbot Is Helping Doctors Diagnose PatientsNHS defends accuracy of medical AIOne Hospital’s Experiments in Virtual Health CareTelemedicine's Coming of Age: Advances and Growing PainsTelemedicine is...

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