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Donating Life

The demand for blood products in veterinary medicine continues to increase. This article profiles veterinary blood banks—including nonprofit, commercial, and in-house blood banking at animal hospitals—that work with feline, canine, and equine donors to create a supply for practices in North America.Download the PDF of Donating Life

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An Atypical Case of Leishmaniasis Associated with Chronic Duodenitis in a Dog (Case Report)

AbstractWe describe an atypical case of duodenal leishmaniasis in a boxer dog presenting with chronic diarrhea and poor general condition. Antidiarrheic therapy was previously administered without success and inflammatory bowel disease localized to the small intestine was suspected, given the chronic clinical signs and by ruling out other known causes of gastrointestinal inflammation. Endoscopic biopsy of duodenum showed a moderate increase in lamina propria lymphocytes, plasma cells, and...

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High-Tech Therapy in Stereo

Accessibility to stereotactic radiation therapy is constantly improving. Veterinarians now may want to discuss this option with clients whose pets have certain difficult tumor cases for which there has been no treatment or only long and often unpleasant therapy. For those cases in which there is no cure, SRT also can provide effective palliation.Download the PDF of High-Tech Therapy in Stereo

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