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The Hill's Global Symposium was designed to inspire and educate veterinarians and veterinary health care team members to use nutrition to improve pet's lives.

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Have a surgery scheduled that you haven't performed in a while, or possibly ever? Instead of grabbing the surgery text for a refresher, check out VetFolio’s new Surgery Library, and pick up tips and learn technique from John Berg, DVM, DACVS.

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Mass Excision: Soft Tissue Sarcomas and Mast Cell Tumors

In this course, John Berg, DVM, MS, DACVS, will discuss mass excision in dogs and cats, focusing specifically on soft tissue sarcomas and mast cell tumors. The course will cover:Principles of tumor excisionSelection of patients that need CT/MRIDefinition of wide marginsMargin classification schemeOrienting incisions with lines of tensionManaging wounds using second intention healingSubmitting excised tumors for histopathologyInterpretation of histologic margin analysis resultsOptions when...

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Soft Palate Resection and Correction of Stenotic Nares

In this course, John Berg, DVM, MS, DACVS, will demonstrate Soft Palate Resection and Correction of Stenotic Nares in dogs. The course will cover:Components of brachycephalic airway syndromeClinical signs of brachycephalic airway syndromeGastrointestinal signs in brachycephalic airway syndromeEmergency management of brachycephalic airway syndrome Indications for surgery for overlong soft palate and stenotic naresTechniques for soft palate resectionBasics of surgical lasers and...

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Preanesthesia: Only You Can Prevent

Learn everything you need to know to conduct a successful anesthetic event.  Key Takeaways:Preventing anesthetic complications can be accomplished with good preanesthetic planning and protocolsComponents of prevention      -- Patient assessment        -- Patient handling        -- Checklists and protocolsWhen using an opioid, consider adding Cerenia to your preanesthetic protocolCreated and...

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The Cycle of Practice Ownership – Avoiding “The Ownership Burden” - Finding the Right Work-Life Balance

You like being a practice owner, but you are looking for more work-life balance. Should you hire an additional associate and cut back to part-time? Is it possible to run a successful practice while only working part-time? Would you be better off taking on a business partner to share the ownership and management responsibility? This session will discuss the keys to maintaining a successful practice through clear leadership, effective delegation and a culture of team-based healthcare delivery....

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The Cycle of Practice Ownership – Using Management Tools for Practice Success

Much like we use diagnostic tests to assess an animal’s health, it is important to know how to assess the health of your practice. This practice session will introduce you to basic financial statements, how to measure profitability, and its importance to the long-term success of your practice. We will also discuss industry resources and benchmarks such as the Veterinary Fee Reference and the Financial & Productivity Pulsepoints and how they can be used or misused as a diagnostic tool. In...

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The Six Central Needs of Mourning for a Grieving Pet Owner

While it’s important to understand our role as pet loss companions, it’s also equally important to see the mourning process through the grieving pet owner’s eyes. What are their needs during this time of loss and what is the importance of incorporating the loss into their world. For a mourning heart, so many people may dismiss the emotions of grief because it is just an animal. For a veterinary practice, assisting these clients in the death process is of the utmost importance. If the client...

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Keeping Clients at Your Clinic Despite the Death of a Pet

Grief and mourning are already very mysterious areas of emotions for most people. A “feeling avoidant” society that would rather find ways to avoid hurt than to bear the emotional turmoil of a pain. Attendees will review what makes the event of a pet’s death even more confusing and tumultuous. This session will review the Ten Tenets of Companioning, to include this: What’s the greatest skill needed with a grieving family? What is the one thing that you should not do during the death of a pet?...

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Content is Still King. How to Develop the Words That Work

Internet search engines and pet owners respond best to very well developed and positioned content. This session will explore how to create content that supports your practice brand, helps your practice’s website “show up” in the search engine results pages, and ultimately encourages pet owners to comply with your advice. Along the way we will identify common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid. If you want your practice to “pop” in Google and pet owners to be familiar with your practice, this...

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Rituals for Pets and Their People

People and pets don’t die any differently than how they did in the past. However, what is different is how people want to honor the life that they shared with their loved ones, including grieving pet owners who want to pay tribute to their pet’s life. While some might think this session is non-sense, rest assured that a pet owner who felt fulfilled in honoring their pet in death will be a forever client to a veterinary clinic who gave this client permission to perform memorial rituals that...

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Standing Out: A Lesson in Veterinary Branding

Developing a veterinary practice brand can be a challenging task. During this extremely interactive session, attendees will learn brand techniques that deserve the most attention, how to recognize branding opportunities, and how to develop content that supports a practice brand and ultimately builds awareness and loyalty.This course was originally presented as a session at AAHA Austin 2016.Supported and produced by educational grants from Hill's in conjunction with AAHA Austin 2016.

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