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The Hill's Global Symposium was designed to inspire and educate veterinarians and veterinary health care team members to use nutrition to improve pet's lives.

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Preanesthesia: Only You Can Prevent

Learn everything you need to know to conduct a successful anesthetic event.  Key Takeaways:Preventing anesthetic complications can be accomplished with good preanesthetic planning and protocolsComponents of prevention      -- Patient assessment        -- Patient handling        -- Checklists and protocolsWhen using an opioid, consider adding Cerenia to your preanesthetic protocolCreated and...

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The Cycle of Practice Ownership – Avoiding “The Ownership Burden” - Finding the Right Work-Life Balance

You like being a practice owner, but you are looking for more work-life balance. Should you hire an additional associate and cut back to part-time? Is it possible to run a successful practice while only working part-time? Would you be better off taking on a business partner to share the ownership and management responsibility? This session will discuss the keys to maintaining a successful practice through clear leadership, effective delegation and a culture of team-based healthcare delivery....

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Creating a Culture of Accountability Part 2: "Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail"

Part 2 of 2. Accountability can mean different things to different people. It’s important to make sure that accountability is defined in your practice so that everyone understands what it means in terms of their role, their decisions, and their responsibilities. Unfortunately, accountability doesn’t typically just happen on its own. The good news is that there is a process and a set of behaviors that leaders can implement that quickly creates a culture where people make choices and take...

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Practical Approaches for Equine Laminitis

Successful management of the laminitic horse begins with an understanding of the normal supporting structures of the digit, the disease process, and the structural failure that results in the laminitic foot. An early and accurate diagnosis, intervention, and treatment are imperative for a successful outcome. Rehabilitation requires a dedicated and cooperative team effort between the farrier, veterinarian, and owner. This session will cover laminitis grading, diagnosis, prognosis and...

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Seizure Management: From Status to Maintenance Therapy

In this session we will review a linear approach to seizure management with the goal of having you feel comfortable tackling a dog in status, deciding what drug to reach for next in refractory idiopathic epileptic cases, and managing seizures at home to minimize ER associated costs for clients. Both traditional and newer anticonvulsants will be covered including when/if therapeutic serum concentration monitoring is necessary.This course was originally presented as a session at AAHA Austin 2016.

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Shelter Medicine Program 2016

This course is composed of three short sessions from the NAVC Conference 2016's Association of Shelter Veterinarians: Shelter Medicine Program track.Urethral Obstructions: New Ways to Manage: Briefly reviews case selection and medical management of acute and chronic urethral obstruction in cats. Tips & Tricks: Femoral Head & Neck Osteotomies: Discusses techniques involving various pieces of equipment and how to maximize outcomes.Tips & Tricks: Amputations: Includes surgical pearls...

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Small Animal Abdominal Interactive Radiology & Ultrasonography Interpretation Part 3

Part 3 of 3. Two important aspects of small animal radiology and ultrasonography are the detection of description of the abnormal findings(s) and also the interpretation of these finding. In this session, cases of small animals with abdominal abnormalities (radiology and ultrasonography) will be used to illustrate the importance of correct description of abnormalities for formulation of a meaningful differential diagnosis. Please note:   If you were an attendee at this AAHA...

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Surgical Management of the Common Tract Conditions

Please note:If you were an attendee at this NAVC Conference and received a general CE certificate, please be sure to check with your state licensing bureau regarding your eligibility to receive online credit for an individual session.Overview of some of the important surgical conditions of the reproductive tract including those that may be "incidental" findings at the time of surgery but could have an important impact on the patient's long term prognosis.Supported and produced by educational...

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Medical Wound Management in the Shelter

Discussion of acute and open wound management in the shelter setting. Wound biology and various modalities for therapy are discussed.Please note:If you were an attendee at this NAVC Conference and received a general CE certificate, please be sure to check with your state licensing bureau regarding your eligibility to receive online credit for an individual session.Supported and produced by educational grants from Home Again in conjunction with NAVC 2016 as part of the  Association of...

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Cognitive Dysfunction: There Are Medications That Can Help Dogs & Cats Grow Old With Grace

As pets age, cognitive function begins to decline due to pathological changes in the brain. With diets, supplements and drugs clinical signs of cognitive dysfunction can be improved and further decline potentially delayed. How are these drugs and products assessed and what is the evidence for efficacy.Please note:If you were an attendee at this NAVC Conference and received a general CE certificate, please be sure to check with your state licensing bureau regarding your eligibility to receive...

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