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Hill's Global Symposium

The Hill's Global Symposium was designed to inspire and educate veterinarians and veterinary health care team members to use nutrition to improve pet's lives.

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Have a surgery scheduled that you haven't performed in a while, or possibly ever? Instead of grabbing the surgery text for a refresher, check out VetFolio’s new Surgery Library, and pick up tips and learn technique from John Berg, DVM, DACVS.

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VetFolio's entire certificate program in veterinary forensic science and medicine is now online! Take up to 6 multi-class courses that explore all aspects of this fascinating field. 

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AAHA End-of-Life Care Guidelines

For many pet owners, the events surrounding their pets' final life stage are as important and meaningful as the sum of all the care provided by the team up to that point. Animal hospice care seeks to maximize patient comfort while minimizing suffering utilizing a collaborative and supportive approach with the caregiver client. This Web conference, presented by Dr. Brenda Stevens and Dr. Kathleen Cooney, will shine light on the goals of hospice care and the unique ways to provide optimal...

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Getting Sick Cats Through Surgery

In this course, John Berg, DVM, MS, DACVS, will discuss helping sick cats make it through surgeries. The course will cover:Assessing blood loss during surgeryPrevention of hypothermiaMeasurement of blood pressureIdentifying hypotensionTreating hypotensionTransfusing catsTracheal tears resulting from endotracheal intubationBrain damage resulting from mouth gags (mouth speculums)Anatomic differences between dogs and cats(Surgery video included.)

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Management of Septic Abdomen

In this course, John Berg, DVM, MS, DACVS, will discuss the management of a septic abdomen in dogs and cats. The course will cover:Causes of septic abdomenClinical signsAbdominal fluid analysisSelection of initial antibioticsSurgical treatment and drainage optionsPrognosis (Surgery video included.)

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Organ Torsions

In this course, John Berg, DVM, MS, DACVS, will discuss organ torsions in dogs. The course will cover:Torsion vs volvulusMesenteric volvulusHow much intestine can I safely resect?Colonic displacementSplenic torsionLiver lobe torsionLung lobe torsion(Surgery video included.)

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Ruptured bladder repair

In this course, John Berg, DVM, MS, DACVS, will discuss ruptured bladder repair in dogs and cats. The course will cover:Causes of ruptured bladderClinical signs of ruptured bladderAbdominal fluid analysisUse of urea, creatinine and potassium in diagnosing uroabdomenTiming of surgeryInitial stabilization and urinary diversionImaging of uroabdomen patientsUrethrocystograms and microbubble studiesAftercare and prognosis(Surgery video included.)

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In this course, John Berg, DVM, MS, DACVS, will discuss nephrectomy in dogs and cats. The course will cover:Indications for nephrectomyIndications for renal scintigraphy to assess the opposite kidneyInterpretation of renal scintigraphyPreoperative careAnatomy relevant to nephrectomyPrognosis for dogs with renal cancer(Surgery video included.)

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Fear Free Kittens & Puppies Start Course Page

After registering, please click "Take the Course" to access the Fear Free Kittens and Puppies Modules. If you have not registered for either program, learn about the Fear Free Registration Program here and learn about the discounts available and more information for the the Kittens and Puppies Course here.NOTE: If you've purchased the course and you receive an Upgrade message when clicking the "Take the Course" button above, please log out - completely exit your browser, and then...

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Canine Heartworm Disease

Watch this Web conference for all the latest in Canine Heartworm Disease. We’ll start with risk factors, geographic distribution, pathogenesis, and clinical signs. From there, we will cover the latest literature on prevention and resistance, diagnostics including immune complex dissociation, and the latest treatment recommendations.Created and produced by VetFolio with educational funding provided by Zoetis

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Recognizing Patient Fear, Anxiety and Stress

Watch this Web conference to learn ways to become more effective and efficient by recognizing patient fear, anxiety and stress.Awareness of the detrimental effects of patient fear, anxiety and stress (FAS) on the delivery of medical care to companion animals is rising. Few of us were taught in veterinary school how to recognize these critical clinical signs in our patients. In this lecture, you will learn the importance of FAS in your patients, and how to reduce it in your practice.Created...

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How to Recommend Pet Foods

This Web conference takes a no nonsense look at how to improve your clients' acceptance of your pet food recommendation. It all starts with a plan that involves the entire Health Care Team from the receptionists, to the technicians, support staff and veterinarians.Dr. Deardorff supports his simple four-step plan with examples and thought provoking ideas that center on client expectations and patient needs. You will be surprised at how simple the process can be when the entire HealthCare Team...

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