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Hill's Global Symposium

The Hill's Global Symposium was designed to inspire and educate veterinarians and veterinary health care team members to use nutrition to improve pet's lives.

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Have a surgery scheduled that you haven't performed in a while, or possibly ever? Instead of grabbing the surgery text for a refresher, check out VetFolio’s new Surgery Library, and pick up tips and learn technique from John Berg, DVM, DACVS.

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VetFolio's entire certificate program in veterinary forensic science and medicine is now online! Take up to 6 multi-class courses that explore all aspects of this fascinating field. 

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Changing the Future for Your OA Patient: Case-Based Management Methods

This Web conference will describe a practical, evidence-based approach to the management of osteoarthritis in dogs, with a focus on:Describing the four stages of osteoarthritisReviewing the therapeutic options that have the highest positive influence on dogs with osteoarthritisDiscussing the use of these options at all four stages of osteoarthritisStill need to register? Click here!Created and produced by VetFolio with educational funding provided by Boehringer Ingelheim.

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Assistance Dogs: Impact and Ethical Considerations

In this course, awareness of the latest data regarding the impact of service dogs on clients and their families is presented. Participants can expect to gain an understanding of the data from Canine Assistants regarding educational approaches with service dogs, as well as awareness of the ethical considerations regarding service dogs. This session was part of the 2017 Hill's Global Symposium. To access other sessions, click here. For proceedings, click here.

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The Future of the Vet's Office by IFTF

This course will outline the key disruptive forces that will impact veterinarians and Hill’s Pet Nutrition. The following research was conducted by the Institute for the Future in 2015-16 looking ten years ahead. The forecast identified four core disruptive forces that will affect the pet food industry: Reimaging Nutrition, Ever-changing Authority, Hyper Connecting, and Vivid Experience. Of these four we will explore the first two as they will undoubtedly shape the way vets care for pets in...

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Tools and Tips to Manage Your Online Reputation

It’s frightening but true—although it takes years to build your reputation (both online and offline), it takes only moments for a negative online review to destroy it. Help happy clients spread their accolades for your practice through online reviews. Engage negative reviewers with honest, transparent and timely responses and earn back respect and goodwill. In this session, discover how to develop a reputation management plan for your practice. It is time to navigate the world of online...

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The Role And Medical Management Of Military Working Dogs In Combat

Military Working Dogs injured in combat sustain significant injuries that require collaboration between veterinary and human providers in a “One Health” approach. In this presentation participants will learn about: The use of negative pressure wound therapy in canine combat wounds improved wound management and reduced morbidity during transportObtaining appropriate blood products for MWDs in an operational environment, which remains a significant challengeDefinitive care for working dogs...

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Protein/Amino Acid Digestibility in Dogs and Cats

The objective of this course is to provide a critical reflection of the protein evaluation system currently used for the assessment of dietary protein quality for cats and dogs as well as potential future improvements.This session was part of the 2017 Hill's Global Symposium. To access other sessions, click here. For proceedings, click here.

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Muscle Matters in the Geriatric CKD Pet: Working Against the Clock

While not well documented in veterinary medicine, muscle wasting due to disease (cachexia) and aging (sarcopenia) have recently become popular topics of discussion. Despite the lack of significant evidence documenting the existence of or effective treatment for these syndromes in dogs and cats most veterinarians agree that both are critically relevant to the well-being of our patients. This lecture will review the mechanisms involved in both syndromes with a particular focus on how muscle...

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Nutrition And Kidney Disease In Humans

The objectives of this course are to:Understand the importance of nutrition as independent predictor of clinical outcome in patients chronic kidney diseaseDescribe the factors causing protein energy wasting in the setting of kidney diseaseUnderstand the efficacy of nutritional interventional, dietary or otherwise to prevent or treat protein energy wasting in patients with chronic kidney diseaseThis session was part of the 2017 Hill's Global Symposium. To access other sessions, click here. For...

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Canines for Kids and the Pediatric Differential

The objective of this course is to describe the Canines For Kids Program and Understand the Importance of Animal Assisted Therapy in Pediatrics.This session was part of the 2017 Hill's Global Symposium. To access other sessions, click here. For proceedings, click here.

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Top 5 Mistakes Veterinarians Make on Social Media

Does your clinic have a Facebook page? Before you start posting away, learn what you need to keep up with on social media! In this lecture, Dr. Justine Lee, DACVECC, DABT, CEO of VETgirl, LLC, discusses the top 5 mistakes that veterinary professionals make on social media, including how to handle negative comments, what content to post, and more!This session was part of the 2017 Hill's Global Symposium. To access other sessions, click here. For proceedings, click here.

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