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Hill's Global Symposium

The Hill's Global Symposium was designed to inspire and educate veterinarians and veterinary health care team members to use nutrition to improve pet's lives.

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Have a surgery scheduled that you haven't performed in a while, or possibly ever? Instead of grabbing the surgery text for a refresher, check out VetFolio’s new Surgery Library, and pick up tips and learn technique from John Berg, DVM, DACVS.

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VetFolio's entire certificate program in veterinary forensic science and medicine is now online! Take up to 6 multi-class courses that explore all aspects of this fascinating field. 

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Anesthetic Monitoring: When to Watch and When to Intervene

The focus of this presentation is how to identify derangements in normal physiology of anesthetized patients and to recognize which derangements indicate static physiologic status or declining physiologic status. There will also be a discussion of when intervention is necessary, what intervention options are appropriate, and continuing steps if patients do not respond to initial interventions. This course is part of the VetFolio Fluid Therapy Certificate Program. After completing each...

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Top 4 Misconceptions About Fluid Therapy

Have you ever wondered why caveats exist when it comes to fluid therapy? Where did they come from? Are they true? If you have wondered, you will be interested in this presentation. If you have not, you should, and consider listening to this presentation. The top four misconceptions of fluid therapy are presented and addressed, covering shock doses of fluids, anesthetic fluid rates, use of normal saline during fluid resuscitation, and fluids used to reconstitute packed red blood cell...

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Customer & Staff Engagement and Experience Design

Explore the emerging “experience economy” and its potential to engage customers and staff in personal and memorable ways. Learn the principles of creating experiences that benefit your practice and business. Discover the essence of experience staging and how these concepts are benefiting highly regarded businesses. Begin to think about your specific applications and potentials.This course was originally presented as a session at AAHA Nashville 2017.Created and produced by VetFolio with...

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Esophageal Disease: Much More than Megaesophagus

This session will include the diagnostic/therapeutic approach to all esophageal problems, but will include segmental esophageal weakness, occult esophageal dysfunction in which the only sign is respiratory disease, esophagitis, esophageal strictures, and hiatal hernias — all diseases that are more common than many believe because they typically miss the diagnosis.This course was originally presented as a session at AAHA Nashville 2017.

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Challenging Conversations Around Employee Performance

Help employees take ownership of their current and future performance. As a leader, engaging in conversations about employee performance shouldn’t be something to fear, though it can often feel that way. Learning to provide clear, consistent feedback in a way that helps team members shift their behavior can be the difference between improvement and stagnation for your practice. This workshop will help any leader manage challenging performance conversations in a way that leaves staff members...

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Keeping GI Surgery Basic

This lecture will emphasize key success factors in performing surgery for GDV, gastric foreign bodies, and intestinal foreign bodies including linear foreign bodies. All surgical procedures will be demonstrated with videos.This course was originally presented as a session at AAHA Nashville 2017.

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Up a Level: More Advanced GI & Abdominal Procedures

This lecture will emphasize success factors in performing subtotal colectomy in cats and managing patients with bacterial peritonitis, and will discuss management of abdominal organ torsions (intestine, spleen, liver, testicle (and lung). All surgical procedures will be demonstrated with videos.This course was originally presented as a session at AAHA Nashville 2017.

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Feline Tooth Resorption & Chronic Gingivostomatitis

Cats get both tooth resorptions (TR) and chronic gingivostomatitis (CGS), and in many instances, they occur with the same cat. This lecture will address both painful syndromes with regard to identification and treatment of both TR and CGS. New treatment modalities will be discussed as well as therapy outcomes. Emphasis with regard to complicated cases will be addressed.This course was originally presented as a session at AAHA Nashville 2017.

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Create a High Performance Team: Putting Coaching into Practice

Companies large and small are seeking to create workplace cultures that enable creativity, collaboration, and accountability. One way to do this is through coaching. Leaders in many organizations are finding that using a coach-like approach is an effective way to bring out the best in their people, to stimulate engagement and productivity, and to create high performance teams. In this session, you will explore the opportunities you have to address current management challenges using coaching...

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Facilitate Learning & Positive Change: 3 Essential Skills

The concept of leadership as we know it is dramatically changing. To be an effective leader means that you need to focus on the world as it is today and will be in the future, not on how it was in the past. Your success will depend on your ability to re-define leadership itself, as well as the role of the designated leader, in today’s rapidly changing workplace with its emerging post-baby boomer workforce. Coaching skills are increasingly recognized as an essential competency to facilitate...

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