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Getting the Pet Owners to Say "Yes" - It Should be so Easy, Right?

Getting clients to say “yes” to all of the healthcare recommendations made by the practice team is an ongoing challenge. This Web conference discusses the process pet owners go through in making a decision about the care to provide for their pets and actions practices can take to improve communication and client acceptance of recommendations.Created and produced by VetFolio with educational funding provided by Merck.

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Thinking of Adding to the Family? 5 Things to Consider before Getting Another Dog

Are you toying with the idea of bringing home a friend for Fido? It’s a big commitment, so make sure to think it through from all angles first. Here are 5 important things you should consider before getting another dog. 1. How well trained is your current dog? When getting another dog, it’s important to consider how well trained your current dog is. Does your dog like to dig in the garden? Does he constantly bark? All of these things are easy to imitate, especially for a puppy or...

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Five Ways to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy and Healthy

You might think cats have it easy – they have someone to feed them, take care of them and clean up after them. But when you’re at work during the day, it can be hard for your indoor cat to keep fit and entertained on their own. Unlike outdoor cats, indoor cats don’t have the ongoing stimulus provided by the outdoors. Here are five ways to keep your indoor cat happy and healthy. 1. Create an environment that has elements of the outdoors incorporated within it Cats love grass,...

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Healthy 'Human Foods' You Can Feed Your Dog

For optimal health, most of your dog's calories should come from a high-quality wet or dry dog food. That said, there are a variety of "human foods" that can make tasty additions to your dog's diet. Here are a few ideas: Fruits Apples, bananas, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries are all healthy fruits your dog can eat. Cut the fruit into small chunks and either hand feed or add them to your dog's regular food for a little extra flavor. Be careful...

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Yes, You Can Train a Cat!

The phrase, "Dogs have owners; cats have staff," neatly summarizes the way most people think about our feline friends. Unlike dogs, cats usually aren't exuberantly eager to please their humans, and although they can be very affectionate, they generally seek companionship on their own terms. However, that doesn't mean you can't train your cat to do fun tricks. In fact, training sessions can be a wonderful bonding experience and provide your cat with healthy mental exercise...

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Tips for Walking Your Dog during the Winter

With extreme cold weather conditions sweeping across many parts of Canada and the United States, owners need to take extra precautions when walking their dogs. Below are some tips to consider the next time you’re planning to walk your dog on a cold winter’s day. 1.     Dress your dog in appropriate winter gear. There are plenty of practical clothing options designed to keep dogs warm in the winter months. Dog boots and a winter coat or sweater are the most...

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What's the Difference between Wet and Dry Cat Food?

When it comes to your cherished cat's health and wellness, you only want the best. Now that doesn't necessarily mean you’ll hand feed him the finest imported tuna and caviar with a tiny golden spoon – or maybe you do; we're not judging – but it does mean you want to make sure his food is meeting all his dietary needs. One of the most common questions cat owners ask regarding their cat's diet is whether they should be feeding wet or dry food. So what's the difference between wet and...

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The Truth about Cats: Idioms Explained

There are many commonly used expressions about cats, but how true are they? Did curiosity kill the cat? Do cats really have nine lives? Who comes up with this stuff? Let’s take a look at the two most common idioms and separate myth from fact. Idiom #1: Curiosity killed the cat. Myth or fact: Myth. This saying originated from British playwright Ben Johnson’s 1598 play entitled Every Man in His Humour. Later, in 1599, William Shakespeare also used the phrase in Much Ado...

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Zoetis Technical Bulletin: Canine Health Risk Assessment Review

Zoetis has published a technical bulletin describing an analysis of Pet Wellness Reports to identify health risks and inapparent medical conditions in more than 7500 dogs. This bulletin presents the findings of the analysis and explains how Pet Wellness Reports can be used to communicate health risks to pet owners.Zoetis has also produced a printable flyer highlighting the findings of the analysis in easy-to-understand graphics for pet owners.

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Parasite-Free-Pet DIY Marketing Campaigns

Flea, tick, and heartworm season is around the corner. Is your practice—and are your clients—ready? The discussion with clients around preventive and early-detection measures for parasite control has changed from spring and summer to year-round in most practices. However, the coming of warmer weather signals a perfect time to remind clients of the danger parasites pose, keep the parasite conversation going, and increase your patients’ compliance. We dove into some of the latest parasite...

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