Food Allergy: Skin Disease or GI Disease?

This Course Is Approved for 1 CE Credit     |     Stanley Marks, BVSc, PhD, DACVIM (SAIM, Oncology), DACVN

As the third most common allergic skin disease in the dog after flea allergy dermatitis and atopic dermatitis,  food allergy can result in gastrointestinal signs, either alone or in combination with dermatologic signs. Dr. Marks discusses what is currently known about the pathophysiology of these conditions; how to diagnose and treat affected dogs, including treatments that can be implemented immediately and while food trials are ongoing; and how to perform a definitive elimination diet trial.

Please note:

If you were an attendee at this NAVC Conference and received a general CE certificate, please be sure to check with your state licensing bureau regarding your eligibility to receive online credit for an individual session.

Supported and produced by educational grants from Zoetis  in conjunction with NAVC 2016 as part of  the Zoetis Clinical Dermatology: Lessons Learned and Prospective Therapies Symposium.


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