Feline Diabetes Podcast Series

Sara Wennogle, DACVIM

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This podcast series highlights feline diabetes, from the basics of causes and signs, to diagnosis, treatment and monitoring and the expectation of remission for feline patients. For more information on each episode, please see the descriptions listed below the podcast player.


Episode 1 The Basics
This podcast provides an overview of the basics of feline diabetes: understanding the causes, recognizing the signs, and treatment goals, as well as exploring ways to put your clients at ease, make them feel supported, and encourage them to become the active care partners their diabetic cat needs.

Episode 2 – Diagnosis
In this episode, we’ll talk about diagnosis, and how that can be tricky when it comes to cats. Not only is it important to know what clinical signs to look for, but it is also key to know the right questions to ask the pet owner to ensure you are receiving all of the relevant information needed to make a diagnosis. We’ll also review the diagnostic tests that are usually recommended.

Episode 3 – Treatment & Monitoring
This episode addresses the goals of therapy and different treatment options that are available, as well as the challenges of trying to get clients onboard with treatment since pet owners can easily become overwhelmed by any long-term treatment program. We’ll address the pet owner issues of time and finances in this podcast, to prepare you for the conversations you’ll need to have with your clients.

Episode 4 – Diabetic Remission
This episode examines the recent boost in discussion surrounding feline diabetic remission, providing insight into what to expect if it occurs and how to reasonably set expectations of the likelihood of remission with pet owners.

Created and produced by VetFolio with educational funding provided by Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health.

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