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These podcasts, featuring Patty Lathan, DVM, DACVIM, highlight the diagnosis of Addison’s Disease, treatment of chronic hypoadrenocorticism and Addisonian Crisis, as well as diagnosis and treatment of atypical Addison’s Disease. For more information on each episode, please see the descriptions listed below the podcast player.


Episode 1
Diagnosis of Addison’s Disease

During this podcast, we’ll discuss the diagnosis in detail, including specifics of the ACTH stimulation test and ways to decrease the expense.

Episode 2
Treatment of Chronic Hypoadrenocorticism
During this session, treatment with DOCP, fludrocortisone, and prednisone are discussed, including doses and monitoring techniques.

Episode 3
Treatment of Addisonian Crisis
This podcast covers how to deal with an Addisonian patient that presents in hypovolemic shock, including fluid therapy and management of hyperkalemia.

Episode 4
Atypical Addison’s Disease
In this session, I’m joined by Dr. Ann Thompson, DACVIM, from the University of Queensland. We’ll discuss how atypical Addison’s differs from “typical” Addison’s disease, including how to diagnose and treat it.

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