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Calling All Veterinary Sleuths!

Earn certificates in Veterinary Forensic Science & Animal CSI online, through VetFolio. To learn more, check out the courses and info below!

VetFolio's comprehensive online self-directed series, features two tracks, one for veterinary

forensic science & medicine (VFSM) and one for animal crime scene investigation (ACSI).

The improvement of laws and the increase in animal-related investigations has created a greater demand for veterinary expertise. This in-depth course series provides a complete education in veterinary forensics, taught by some of the most respected leaders in the field. Upon successful completion of each course, you’ll be able to demonstrate a broad knowledge of forensic science and medicine, which will allow you to assist with legal cases with a higher level of expertise and better qualifications. 

This course is open to the entire veterinary team, including veterinarians, veterinary technicians, practice staff, animal welfare workers, and students from all disciplines who’d like to enter the field of veterinary forensics and/or serve as an expert witness in legal matters. It is also applicable and open to members of the legal community, including investigators and attorneys. You do not have to be a VetFolio paid subscriber to sign up and take this course series. 

Each course session is $375 per person, with group discounts available, and you do not need to be a VetFolio subscriber to take part. Contact VetFolio Support for more information. 

Yes! Each course contains 10-12 Hours of RACE Approved CE credit. You can review the content by clicking on each of the modules below. Upon completion of all modules, registrants will also receive a certificate of completion. (Note - this certificate will continually be updated as modules are added)

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Veterinary Forensic Science and Medicine Courses

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Veterinary Forensic Science and Medicine Course 1

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Veterinary Forensic Science and Medicine Course 2

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Veterinary Forensic Science and Medicine Course 3

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Veterinary Forensic Science and Medicine Course 4

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Animal Crime Scene Investigation Courses

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Animal Crime Scene Investigation Course 1

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Animal Crime Scene Investigation Course 2

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Want to know more about veterinary forensics, but not quite ready to sign up? Sit back, relax, and watch this recent interview with Melinda Merck, DVM. Dr. Merck is not only the Program Chair of NAVC’s Veterinary Forensic Science track, but also the developer of the first veterinary forensics course for the University of Florida veterinary school and one of the many expert instructors in VetFolio’s certificate courses!

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