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Dangers of Hypothermia: Avoid the Cold

This Course Is Approved for 1 CE Credit     |     Program 1027-33384 is AASVB RACE Approved | Brought to you by Today's Veterinary Nurse

Please note: This course features a CE quiz that accompanies the article, "Dangers of Hypothermia: Avoid the Cold" from the Winter 2018 issue of Today's Veterinary Nurse. There is no video component for this course.

This article describes hypothermia dangers, causes, and risk factors; how to prevent or detect hypothermia, and how to treat it should it occur. After reading this article, technicians should be able to identify hypothermia, pinpoint areas where body temperature is lost, and know passive and active ways to counteract it. They should understand the short- and long-term physiologic changes that occur during hypothermia and the importance of avoiding hypothermia during the pre-operative, intra-operative, and postoperative periods.

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