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Dechra Mousse New Product Podcast
New Product Podcast

Introducing Dechra’s new topical products: MiconaHex + Triz and Triz Chlor 4 Mousse

Listeners will learn about the latest innovation in topical therapy for allergic skin disease.


Credelio Product Podcast

Learn More About Credelio(R) (lotilaner)

Sponsored by Elanco

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Zoetis Symparica Tick

Learn more about Simparica® (sarolaner) Chewables

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Learn more about CYTOPOINTTM

New Product Podcast

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Dechra Zycortal Dog

Learn more about ZYCORTAL® Suspension

New Product Podcast

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Elanco Itrafungol Promo

Learn More about ITRAFUNGOLTM

New Product Podcast 

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Osurnia Gray Background Promo Box

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New Product Podcast

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Elanco Onsior Image

Learn More about Onsior®  injection!

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Simparica Promo Image

Learn More about Simparica®

New Product Podcast!

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