Pet Food Labels 101

This Course Is Approved for 1 CE Credit     |     Program 1027-30047 is AAVSB RACE approved |  Barbara Lewis, DVM

This course is the third in a series of five on nutritional training. This session explores pet food regulations and labeling. Using this information, you can confidently discuss which food you recommend and why you stand by that recommendation.

This course is part of the VetFolio Commit to Care Certificate Program. This certificate course is dedicated to helping you elevate nutrition as a core competence in your practice and improve communication when making a recommendation! After completing each class in this course series, you will receive an individual CE certificate. When you have completed the entire series, you will be able to download your Commit to Care Certificate.

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This certificate program was created and produced by VetFolio with educational funding provided by Hill's Pet Nutrition.
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