Parathyroidectomy Instructional Video

VetFolio’s latest addition to the surgery library is here!  A new course on parathyroidectomy, led by John Berg, DVM, DACVS, is currently open for registration and will be available for FREE access June 25-July 9, 2018.

In this presentation, Dr. Berg will provide an overview of hyperparathyroidism in dogs, including normal calcium regulation, major rule-outs for hypercalcemia, diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism and imaging of the parathyroid glands.  He will then review the relevant surgical anatomy, and show a narrated video demonstrating the surgical technique for parathyroidectomy in an actual patient. This will be followed by a discussion of postoperative monitoring and prevention and treatment of hypocalcemia.

Dr. John Berg, DVM, DACVS
Dr. Berg is board certified surgeon and a 1981 graduate of Colorado State University. He completed his internship at Cornell in 1982, and his small animal surgery residency at Colorado State in 1985. He spent a year in private practice before joining the faculty at Tufts University as a small animal soft tissue surgeon in 1987. He served as the chair of the Department of Clinical Sciences at Tufts from 1998-2011. He is an honorary member of the Veterinary Society of Surgical Oncology and an ACVS founding fellow in surgical oncology.