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The Vet2Pet app helps veterinary practices connect on a whole new level with clients—proven to increase retention, build loyalty and boost revenue! Developed for veterinarians, by veterinarians.

Each practice gets their own app with their unique branding.
Vet2Pet helps practices stand out from other generic apps—building loyalty and brand recognition.

The only proven, built-in loyalty program.
On average, the Vet2Pet loyalty program boosts annual practice revenue by $91,000 and by as much as $263,000 per year!

All the support and training practices need to succeed! 
Vet2Pet teaches the team how to be awesome with their technology.

Pet owners engage with the Vet2Pet app. They can:

• Earn reward points
• Manage their pet’s health care
• Snap and share their pet’s selfies
• Request refills
• And more!

Learn more about the Vet2Pet app!

Watch this quick video to learn why the Vet2Pet app is the ultimate client engagement platform for veterinary practices.

Dr. Stacee Santi started in veterinary practice in 1996 and has managed the Riverview Animal Hospital in Durango, Colorado since 2007. She was always very interested in technology and constantly on the lookout for ways to improve efficiencies in her practice and deliver a better experience to her clients and patients. Stacee really loves animals and was always thinking of ways to extend more accessible care to her patients.

In 2010, Stacee became fascinated with how apps were helping other types of businesses strengthen relationships with their clients. She thought an app would really help her achieve her goal of providing the best care possible for her patients, but after searching discovered that there were no apps available for the veterinary industry.

And so, Stacee decided to go online and create her own DIY app! At this point she had absolutely no intention of starting a company. The initial version of the app was extremely basic, but clients and staff loved it and became very engaged with it. Stacee continued to edit, tweak and add features to the app until one day she realized that she had managed to create a cool, simple and effective tool to enable easy communication with her clients.

Stacee had many colleagues who were interested in having an app for their practices, so in 2013 she made the decision to commercialize the app and started a company. She named it Vet2Pet, which represents Stacee’s original goal when initially developing her own app for her practice: connecting with patients and taking care of them even when they aren’t physically in the hospital.

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