Zoetis Dermatology Certification DL

It's time to stop dreading "another itchy dog"! These patients are an excellent opportunity to build your practice with loyal clients. We now have the medical knowledge, the diagnostic tools and the innovative therapies that meet our patient's needs and provide a positive experience for their owners, and for the veterinarian. This course will teach you new tools and techniques that shape the way we approach the pruritic dog and then provide a full hour of case examples to demonstrate how to put it all together in practice. After completing each class in this course series, you will receive an individual CE certificate. When you have completed the entire series, you will be able to download your Dermatology Certificate.

This certificate program was created and produced by VetFolio with educational funding provided by Zoetis.

The New Approach to the Itchy Dog
Course 1

The New Approach to the Itchy Dog

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