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FOCUS ON GROWTH FOR DISEASE PREVENTION I believe that new pet owners are among the most motivated clients we talk to. Even clients who have had many pets in the past are likely to be interested in “what’s new.” Because of this, I think that veterinary visits during the first year of life, particularly the initial “vaccine visits,” may be the most important interactions we have with the client and pet during the pet’s life. If not, they certainly could be made to be. I believe this based on...

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Camelid Nutrition

CAMELID NUTRITION Camelids have a three-stomach, pseudo-ruminant like stomach system. As pseudo-ruminants they have ‘fermentation vats’ (Compartments 1, 2, and the cranial and middle portions of Compartment 3) prior to a true gastric or abomasum-like structure (the caudal portion of Compartment 3). As with other animals that have a rumen, camelids graze/browse to ‘feed’ bacteria, which in turn digest, or begin the digestive process of all feedstuffs. These animals are forage...

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The Power of Nutrition

The first session in a series of five, this course will help your entire veterinary team elevate nutrition as a core competence in your practice. In this program, we will partner to transform the belief that nutrition is important into in-clinic actions that will enhance the lives of the pets we serve.This course is part of the VetFolio Commit to Care Certificate Program. This certificate course is dedicated to helping you elevate nutrition as a core competence in your practice and ...

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