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The Neurologic Exam

Read the proceeding >Please note:If you were an attendee at this NAVC Conference and received a general CE certificate, please be sure to check with your state licensing bureau regarding your eligibility to receive online credit for an individual session.The “basic” neurological exam is anything but basic. In some cases, it can be the tool that leads to your diagnosis. This informative session reviews the key components of the nervous system that should be evaluated during examination and...

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Animal Hospice & Palliative Care Certificate Program

Please note: This is a premium content course that must be purchased separately from your VetFolio subscription. For more information, please click here!Improve end-of-life care for your patients, clients and yourself. Open to veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and all other members of the veterinary team, the Animal Hospice and Palliative Care Certificate Program is an online continuing education course covering topics in animal hospice, palliative care, and the euthanasia...

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Getting the Pet Owners to Say "Yes" - It Should be so Easy, Right?

Getting clients to say “yes” to all of the healthcare recommendations made by the practice team is an ongoing challenge. This Web conference discusses the process pet owners go through in making a decision about the care to provide for their pets and actions practices can take to improve communication and client acceptance of recommendations.Created and produced by VetFolio with educational funding provided by Merck.

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Let’s Talk Heartworm: Strengthening the Tech to Pet Owner Conversation

Please note: This course is temporarily unavailable. We expect it will be back online soon! If you have any questions, please contact us at technicians and assistants, you are in a unique position to connect with and teach clients about their pet’s health. This presentation will show you how to strengthen your heartworm conversations by grabbing and holding pet owners’ attention. These proven techniques will help you more effectively deliver heartworm disease knowledge...

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Re-Thinking Post-Operative Pain Management

Rethinking peri-operative pain management, this session will discuss contemporary concepts in light of current best evidence and industry Guidelines. Foundational elements of a comprehensive surgical pain-management protocol will be shared, with an emphasis on highest, wisest, best use of both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic interventions, for routine and common procedures as well as patients at risk for more severe and/or maladaptive post-surgical pain. Created and produced by...

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AAHA End-of-Life Care Guidelines

For many pet owners, the events surrounding their pets' final life stage are as important and meaningful as the sum of all the care provided by the team up to that point. Animal hospice care seeks to maximize patient comfort while minimizing suffering utilizing a collaborative and supportive approach with the caregiver client. This Web conference, presented by Dr. Brenda Stevens and Dr. Kathleen Cooney, will shine light on the goals of hospice care and the unique ways to provide optimal...

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Treating the Cyanotic Veterinary Patient

Most of us don’t enjoy treating dyspneic, cyanotic patients. In fact, seeing these patients likely makes us tachypneic! Cyanotic patients are intolerant of handling and manipulation because of their fragile clinical status and severe underlying disease. (Note: When it comes to patients with respiratory distress, the presence of pink gums does not indicate appropriate oxygenation.)  Cyanosis is a bluish- to red-purple-tinged color in the tissues (commonly seen on the tongue...

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Veterinary Forensic Science and Medicine and Animal CSI Course -- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1)  What is the NAVC VetFolio Veterinary Forensic Science (VFSM) and Medicine & Animal CSI certificate course? Answer – The course is a comprehensive, self-directed deep dive into the science and practical application of veterinary forensics that will allow certificate holders the knowledge and expertise needed to participate in animal investigations and act as an expert witness in legal cases involving animal abuse and neglect.2)  Who is eligible to take this course?...

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Feline Rehabilitation: A field poised for dramatic growth

In recent years, a young field of veterinary medicine known as rehabilitation has been generating buzz among veterinary professions and the pet-owning public. This specialty, which found its initial application treating horses and dogs, is now poised for tremendous growth meeting the needs of feline patients. Cats are the number-one household pet in the United States, with an estimated 95.6 million cats found in 45.4 million American households, according to the American Pet Products...

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Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome: Pathophysiology and Diagnosis

AbstractBrachycephalic airway syndrome (BAS) is a group of abnormalities that result in upper airway obstruction. Primary malformations include stenotic nares, elongated soft palate, and hypoplastic trachea, which cause an increase in negative pressure within the upper airways that can eventually lead to secondary abnormalities such as everted laryngeal saccules, everted tonsils, and laryngeal and tracheal collapse. Abnormal nasopharyngeal turbinates are also encountered, but have not been...

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