Sports Medicine

Navicular Syndrome: A Surgeon’s Perspective and Case Studies with Clodronate Injection

This Course Is Approved for 1 CE Credit     |     Program 1027-33384 is AAVSB RACE approved | Josh Zacharias, DVM, MS

Navicular syndrome, often called Navicular disease, is a syndrome of soundness problems in horses. It most commonly describes an inflammation or degeneration of the navicular bone and its surrounding tissues, usually on the front feet. It can lead to significant and even disabling lameness.

In this course, Josh Zacharias, DVM, MS shares his experiences as a surgeon and boarded veterinarian in sports medicine and rehabilitation. Zacharias practices at Countryside Large Animal Veterinary Service in Greenley, Colorado where he has worked with horses suffering from Navicular syndrome. In this course you will receive a refresher on Navicular Disease/Syndrome; learn about treatment with Bisphosphonates, Clodronate in particular; and hear first-person accounts from cases Zacharias has treated.

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