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Up a Level: More Advanced GI & Abdominal Procedures

This lecture will emphasize success factors in performing subtotal colectomy in cats and managing patients with bacterial peritonitis, and will discuss management of abdominal organ torsions (intestine, spleen, liver, testicle (and lung). All surgical procedures will be demonstrated with videos.This course was originally presented as a session at AAHA Nashville 2017.

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Keeping GI Surgery Basic

This lecture will emphasize key success factors in performing surgery for GDV, gastric foreign bodies, and intestinal foreign bodies including linear foreign bodies. All surgical procedures will be demonstrated with videos.This course was originally presented as a session at AAHA Nashville 2017.

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Study shows playing video games could improve laparoscopic surgery performance

Veterinary students who play video games might actually be setting themselves up for better performances during laparoscopic surgery, says a new study published in the Feb. 1 edition of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA).Twenty-nine third-year veterinary students from Purdue University participated in the study, which sought to determine whether there is a correlation between the students' video gaming skills and laparoscopic surgical skills, 3-D...

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Long-Retained Vaginal Foreign Body Causing Chronic Vaginitis in a Bulldog

A vaginal foreign body consisting of a piece of retained calvarium from a macerated fetus was identified and removed using vaginoscopy in a 4-year-old, spayed female bulldog. The dog had a 12-month history of chronic mucopurulent vaginitis. Vaginal foreign bodies, although uncommon, are a differential diagnosis for recurrent mucopurulent or hemorrhagic chronic vaginal discharge. A case of chronic vaginitis caused by a long-retained intravaginal foreign body in a dog is described and compared...

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Prophylactic Gastropexy Incorporating a Gastrotomy Incision in Dogs: A Retrospective Study of 21 Cases (2011–2013) (Case Report)

The objective of this retrospective study was to report any complications associated with incorporating a gastrotomy incision into a right-sided incisional prophylactic gastropexy. The medical records of dogs that underwent a gastrotomy for the removal of gastric foreign material and had a prophylactic right-sided incisional gastropexy performed at the gastrotomy site between April 2011 and February 2013 were reviewed. Two wk postoperative recheck examination and suture removal reports were...

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Equine Laparoscopy: Gonadectomy

Laparoscopic removal of the gonads from male and female horses is regularly performed for a variety of reasons. In female horses, common indications for ovariectomy include behavioral problems and signs of abdominal pain that are linked to estrus. Another indication is an abnormal, enlarged ovary, typically due to ovarian neoplasia, the most common being granulosa thecal cell tumor. Ovariectomy is also a treatment option for ovarian hematomas and other abnormalities. In addition, ovariectomy...

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Incidence of Postoperative Neurologic Complications in Pugs Following Portosystemic Shunt Attenuation Surgery (Retrospective Studies)

AbstractPostoperative seizures occur in 5–12% of dogs following surgical attenuation of congenital extrahepatic portosystemic shunts (CEPSS) and are often refractory to treatment. Because pugs are predisposed to necrotizing meningoencephalitis, they may be at higher risk of developing neurologic complications after CEPSS attenuation. We hypothesized that pugs have a higher prevalence of postoperative neurologic complications and that pugs who died due to neurologic complications would have...

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Cholecystopexy and Pericardial Pseudocyst Removal in a Dog with a Congenital Peritoneopericardial Diaphragmatic Hernia (Case Reports)

AbstractA 4 mo old spayed female golden retriever was presented with a peritoneopericardial diaphragmatic hernia (PPDH) that was diagnosed during neutering. Echocardiography revealed a fluid-filled structure and parts of the liver in the pericardial cavity. Computed tomography confirmed the existence of the PPDH and the herniation of the right medial liver lobe and the gallbladder. Cystic masses were observed in the pericardial and the peritoneal cavities, possibly communicating through the...

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In Vitro Evaluation of Evacuated Blood Collection Tubes as a Closed-Suction Surgical Drain Reservoir (Original Studies)

AbstractThe initial negative pressures of evacuated blood collection tubes (EBCT) and their in vitro performance as a rigid closed-suction surgical drain (CSSD) reservoir has not been evaluated in the scientific literature despite being described in both human and veterinary texts and journals. The initial negative pressures of EBCT sized 3, 6, 10, and 15 mL were measured and the stability of the system monitored. The pressure-to-volume curve as either air or water was added and maximal...

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An Unusual Case of Portal Hypertension Secondary to Primary Hypoplasia of the Portal Vein (Case Reports)

AbstractPrimary hypoplasia of the portal vein with secondary portal hypertension and acquired portosystemic collateral circulation is infrequently reported in the veterinary literature. Diagnosis of this condition requires documentation of abnormal hepatocellular function, the lack of intrahepatic or extrahepatic macroscopic congenital portosystemic shunts, and liver histopathology demonstrating portal hypoperfusion in the absence of hepatic inflammation or nodular regeneration. Due to a...

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